About Me



As the Mamas and Papas  said “This is dedicated to the one I love” . For me, this would be my siblings. Without them, where and who would I be?

I discovered a few years ago, that I like to write but I’ve decided that I am more of a story-teller than a writer. I have no idea where this suddenly came from but others pointed it out to me. I didn’t know it myself and was a little intimidated about putting anything I wrote, out in the world. After all, I have had no formal education, don’t type well, and can’t spell for love nor money. And please don’t ask me what a preposition is. If I look it up today, a month from now, I wouldn’t remember. If you asked me what R-values are available in a 3 1/2″ wall cavity–I can tell you. Useful information, but not very exciting.

Level III Faster EFT Practitioner

Certificates in Reiki I and II

These pages will contain anything that pops into my mind.. there is no theme, at least so far. I feel my way through life and I will do the same here, because it is who I am.