We’re Odawa?

We’re Odawa?

Grandma huggins

A full half of me is Irish. The other half is a mixture and somewhat of a mystery but my niece Kelly Deeny is on the trail through Ancestry.com. All we really knew was that my grandfather on my mother’s side was half Native American and was born and raised in Michigan. My mother was born in Detroit, as was I , but my dad, the traveling salesman, had been born in Ocean City, NJ. and later settled in Germantown Pennsylvania.

From Michigan we eventually moved from mom’s ancestral home, to the land of Philly burbs and the Jersey Shore with a pit-stop in Allentown and Trenton before Levittown came to be. My mother didn’t share much history of her side of the family—only tidbits.

Recently, I attempted another search (due to a book I read) about the name of the tribe my maternal grandmother told me about. I always remembered her saying, Pitaski and had thought… Jeez that sounded Polish, so how could that be? But I told everyone in my family, that’s what I heard her say and I was sticking to it. No one ever heard of nor did any record show up for that name. Anyway that was almost forty years ago and I finally assumed I had just got it wrong.

About 6 months ago I was listening to a detective novel (I love audiobooks) that took place in north Michigan and part of the story took people into a town called Pitaski near an Indian reservation. I heard the word rather than read it. It sounded exactly like my grandmother had told me all those years ago. Well there it was— the clue. There really is a town called Petoskey, on the northern coast of the lower peninsula of Michigan. We’re really Odawa!

There are clues everywhere if you are paying attention.


I can’t wait for Kelly to find about the Mackenzie’s she’s teased out of records