My Hoarding Ways

My Hoarding Ways

I see value in so much stuff—not only ideas and information but stuff in the trash and on the curb. I try to recycle, up cycle and re-use because I love it when things stay out of the land fill.

I will take something home from a walk with the intention of using it or creating something new but many times (and not always) it stays where I’ve plopped it down, never to be actually used in the way I thought I would one day.  But there it is, I’ve now taken responsibility for it and won’t trash it.

My neighbor knocked on my door one night this week to ask me for two favors.  They are in the midst of a large renovation and needed more trash picked up then was allowed. You bet! Put that extra stuff on my curb because I don’t ever have that much trash on mine.

Favor number two was about one of those trash-picking-hoarding things I was saving.  They noticed it in my yard and asked me if they could have it because it was exactly what they needed to repair their above ground pool and would be a huge favor.

The aluminum rails were not only close but were EXACTLY what they needed. They had hunted around to buy new ones and found that they were no longer made. What are the chances that would happen? I was happy to oblige and it felt really good to help people who had helped me so many times.

I don’t remember where I got the aluminum rail sections but I’m willing to bet that I had salvaged those would-be racks years ago from their very own trash. Later that night, I realized the railings had really belonged to them in the first place and that I guessed I had just held them for when they needed them. Too cool! Recycled right back the original owners. Ya gotta love it!

I can’t repeat it enough times… I love my neighbors—the little village on my street.

photo by Unsplash