My Little Slice of the World

My Little Slice of the World

There is so much out there in the world that can make one feel down that I think it’s important to note when cool/nice/surprising things happen.

The snowfall that was about to happen was reported to have lots of moisture coming with it. We were to get three inches or so. Indeed we did and it was heavy and wet.

I woke up early but it was still too dark to shovel. The temperatures were supposed to warm for the day and I thought I’d let Mother Nature take care of some of it while I drank my Sunday morning coffee. At seven o’clock, I bundled up, grabbed my shovel and started to clear around the front door. I made my way down one side of the car in the driveway, clearing the snow from the side of the car to the edge of the lawn. The shovel couldn’t handle too much snow because of its weight and my arm from a fall on the ice two weeks earlier still hurt some. I tried to keep it slow and easy, dropped my head and kept going. Shovel, lift, throw, shovel lift throw. When I got near the end of the driveway to scoot the snow to the grass on the dog walk, I looked up to see that my sidewalk had already been cleared.

My first thought was, “Wow, what time was he out here? It had to be the crack of dawn. I looked up and down the sidewalk to my neighbors and saw that theirs had been cleared too. I shouldn’t have been surprised that I wasn't the first one out. This is typical however, of my little micro neighborhood. People helping people makes me want to break out in song… you know Barbara Streisand, People Needing People. Oh I wish I could sing!

When tree limbs go down, there are at least two neighbors running over with their chain saws. My other neighbor shares all kinds of useful tips with me. When I locked myself out of my house with no phone or car keys, another neighbor lent me her car to retrieve my spare key from my nephew-in-law.

I don’t know how it is on the other end of the street or in other sections of Levittown; I only know that my little slice of Levittown sometimes leaves me with feelings of being the luckiest person in the world.