Remembering Valentin Alvarez Herrera

Remembering Valentin Alvarez Herrera

I belong to a group of what I like to affectionately call "tappers". In truth, we are Faster EFT Practitioners. We do tap – but it's not all we do. I trained last year (2014) February, June and October obtaining certificates for all three. We are practitioners "in training" when we leave the course. This is where I met Valentin.

We were encouraged in our group practicing, to work with new people each time we practiced a new technique. It pushed us to experience new attitudes, new people and new issues. Like many others with similar feelings, I was stepping outside my own comfort zone. He was too— because English wasn't his native language and Valentin, like the rest of us, wasn't able stay with those whom he was more comfortable.

As we worked with other people we got to know each of them a bit— getting slices of their current and past lives as we worked on releasing past stresses, hurts and traumas. Valentin was a super super nice guy and seemed older than his mid-thirties. He was determined to help others in his life with this system we were learning and he seemed driven to learn in his spare time away from his job. We connected I think, because we were in the same field so-to-speak. We were able to talk shop. He installed insulation in new housing and I am a building materials specialist— my main specialty being insulation. He liked me and I liked him and I was looking forward to seeing him again at new trainings.

Valentin was well liked and we all witnessed this brave soul change his fear of speaking in front of others while he moved outside the box of limiting thoughts. We were so proud of him. Who's to say when it's too soon for any of us to leave this world, but damn it, it was too soon for such a young enthusiastic guy (IMO). I won't mourn longer than our allotted 2 minutes and 36 seconds because he really is fine where he is but I sure hope he gets all the chocolate he could ever want wherever he is.

I will miss seeing him again.