Plastic Food Storage Gone Wild

P1080377 croppedOne of the things (there are many i.e.— the amassed junk mail is just one example) that makes me nuts is all the accumulated plastic food containers which are jammed into my bottom cabinet— and I know I’m not alone. We begrudge sending people home with left-overs in our prized containers that we may never get back, so we collect the cheap stuff that we don’t mind losing. The problem grows into a mish mosh of plastic that spills onto the floor when you go looking for the right sized container. More often than not, I find the container but not the lid.

 I get ideas when visiting other people. I look around at what they use to organize –bins, baskets and drawers for recyclables, paperwork, and weird things that end up in junk drawers at my place.  I always come back home with new ideas for my own life. On a recent visit, my sister shared how she managed her plastic food storage cabinet. She, like me and so many of us, lived with dozens of mismatched plastic ware containers and odd-ball lids that didn’t fit anything.

Rubbermaid easy find lids to the rescue

When Mary showed me, I was impressed how well organized her cabinet was. I imagined mine and how everything falls out when I look for a matching set— just the right size. Most of the time it is an exercise in frustration.  Her lids, on the other hand, locked onto each other while the containers locked to the lids on the bottom, keeping them all in one place. I was so going to do this when I got home!

The price was right. Twenty bucks at Sam’s Club for a 50 piece set would help keep me sane. Hooray!  I bought two sets—one for me and one for my sister-in-law whose husband (my brother whom I love) complains way too often about the same plastic craziness.

I emptied my corner base cabinet of all the plastic containers I was hoarding. I admit to not wanting to get rid of some other good ones, but I closed my eyes and piled them in a box to give away anyway.  I actually had room for all my way- too-many kitchen towels with room to spare. Ah—organization makes me feel so much better!


P1080378 rev

P1080382 revised


My hoarding days are over. Anyone want my other plastic stuff?

2 thoughts on “Plastic Food Storage Gone Wild

  1. Vicki

    Very impressive I might have try it.

  2. Mary

    Yay!! These containers saved from losing it. Now I never struggle. Easy peasy. Don’t you just love them?

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