De-Stress. Time to Clean the Bathroom

tree street croppedThe police officer said, “Sorry to bother you, but one of your neighbors found it necessary to call us about your broken tree. I’m not sure what they thought I could do. I’m not climbing up the tree to cut it.” I touched his arm while laughing and said, “well I have a chain saw, but I’m not going up thirty feet either.”

He could see that I had blocked off the area with my trash cans. The would-be falling limbs could cause some damage or hurt someone. While he was there I placed the reflectors on top of the trash bins to make it more noticeable in the coming dark.

He left me, acknowledging that I’ve done all I could do while I waited a return phone call from the three tree service people I left messages with. Obviously someone didn’t think I was doing all I could do. I was amused by the new twist in the stressful event— as if this would propel me into doing something else I hadn’t thought of.

Perhaps a driver thought someone should remove the branches from the street. Maybe they didn’t realize they were there to help mark the danger zone. Everyone’s a critic.   At this writing, I’ve called a fourth tree service. I’ll wait and stress no further. I’ve done all I can do for now. It’s time clean the bathroom.

But to whomever called the police department—I just want to shout out a big thank you! The guy was so nice, adorable and very good-looking!  I do have an appreciation for a handsome man in uniform–even at my age. Maybe someone else will call the cops and they’ll send more eye candy. 

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    Clean tree, clean bathroom, eye candy. What could be better in life?

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