One Windshield Wiper

I rented a compact car in Oklahoma City and what I got was a Toyota Yaris. It was peppy and had plenty of room for me as I compared it to my regular ride — a Dodge Caliber. It  took me a minute or so to notice that when I used the windshield wiper, there was only one big one (rather than two) that covered the entire windshield. What a concept — Is it new? It was less distracting and less noisy. In any case–I liked it but wonder what it would cost to replace.

My world is too small — I need to get out more.


2 thoughts on “One Windshield Wiper

  1. admin

    Given that the car was small, I thought it was efficient. I imagine a larger surface needs two or one big one with a heavier motor to drive and support a bigger blade:-)

  2. Joanie

    Never saw a one windshield wiper car. Strange. Guess I have to get out more too.

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