Faster EFT – So Simple – So Effective

I’m kind of “wowed” by the simple things.

I’m getting ready for Faster EFT Level 2 next week. It’s a protocol of tapping on meridian and acupressure  points that helps with physical and emotional pain. Check the link if you would like to know more. These people are doing amazing work.

I took my Level 1 in March this year and I came home swimming in ideas for application. In my mind, Faster EFT has infinite possibilities and application. This shit was the bomb and I was not disappointed!

Life has a way of getting in the way if we let it. I allowed all the normal things derail me from focusing on my studies. Level 2 is coming next week and I hadn’t done much since Level 1.

I had become really insecure about doing this with any confidence after a few failed attempts of making big changes. Any confidence I felt before starting this, turned to disillusionment a month after I returned from my first level. In hindsight however, I have had subtle changes. Overall my life is just easier somehow. Should I not blame it on Faster EFT? I think I should. After all — if it looks and quacks like a duck…

Yesterday, one of my coworkers let me try my protocol on her. She, for apparently no reason, was experiencing pain in her back. In 2 short rounds– Holy backache Batman– the pain was gone, I mean zero! I’d say, less than 4 minutes. I checked with her throughout the afternoon and as we left for the day, her pain had not returned.

This why I will continue to learn this. It’s simplicity and effectiveness wows me.