Krazy Glue vs. Loctite Super Glue

crazy glue

This is a kind of a weird endorsement for glue performance and I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing what I did but for what’s it worth…

After many years of  battling with one of my front teeth (there were 2 root canals done on the same tooth and gum/root surgery later) I finally opted for the tooth to be removed and be replaced with an implant. At this writing, it’s been a 15 month long process and finally next week I am to have a temporary crown fastened to the implant. What I have been dealing with as a cover for the gaping space in the front of my mouth was a tooth made over a post with wings that fit behind the 2 teeth on either side of space.

Originally the temp tooth was bonded in place and was strong enough for me to bite almost anything and even eat corn on the cob despite the dental surgeon’s warnings that the tooth would not hold if I did. It held beautifully!

The problem came later when the temp tooth needed to be removed so that the surgical site could be checked and then later have the post inserted. The first removal was difficult and my dentist was concerned about damage to the other teeth by multiple removals during the process. We decided to glue it back in rather than bond it in. This process didn’t hold as well as the bonding and I kept eating things that loosened the tooth and the darn thing would fall out at the most inopportune times! Making multiple emergency dental appointments more than annoyed me and my I-can-do-this-s**t-myself kicked in. I bought superglue in a gel thickness and experimented. That actually worked pretty well but became almost a daily routine because the glue was water soluble or so I was told.

After many months and a curious lip swelling problem, I was running out of glue. I bought a small tube of Krazy Glue knowing I wouldn’t need it much longer. Instead of re-gluing the tooth in every day, now it became once a week. Krazy Glue was just stronger, worked better and the curious lip swelling stopped.

Again… I found myself without a tooth at times when my dentist was not in town or it was impossible for me to see him. I saw that the task wasn’t that difficult but I am not suggesting anyone else do this because it could have and might have been toxic–but only to point out that Krazy Glue proved to be a stronger glue in this application. Weird right?